Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Taken 3?

Yeah...we just got the confirm that the bitch gets taken a third time.
I'm starting to think she does it on purpose cause she liked it the first time. The whole 'Daddy doesn't pay attention to me! Imma go get kidnapped so he'll get me the new iPhone 6!'
But yeah...the chickie gets kidnapped a third time and yes all characters from 1-2 are going to be in 3. Neesan actually was quoted saying a few months ago that he wouldn't do it...but the bastard is being paid 20 million dollars for the roll...share?


  1. Haha! While I somewhat enjoyed the first Taken, I kind of thought it was overrated and when I was saw the reviews for 2 I knew it was all downhill for the franchise.


    1. Yeah I didn't even sit all the way through part 2. So I'm not even going to touch 3. *Le sigh.*