Friday, March 30, 2012

The Avengers

I must be on a roll today. Getting out a bunch of Super Hero reviews. Go me :D

Anyways. The new TV Spot that was released like...two seconds ago (Not joking) called 'Headcount' It pretty much tells everyones roles in the movie. I just love how it favors Tony Stark (Iron Man just in case you were born in a cabin and raised in a cave) He's my hands down favorite super hero.

I'm so excited about this movie, but just in case you were born under some lonely rock in the middle of nowhere hears what the Avengers are.


A secret Government project was founded and named S.H.I.E.L.D (Strategic, Homeland, Intervention, Enforcement, Logistics, Division.) this Division is comprised of two assassins, two super humans, a demigod, and a billionaire who likes to spend his money on metal suits.

When Thor's adoptive brother (Loki) begins to have daddy issues and starts to harass the people that his daddy loves so much. Of course SHIELD is called in to try to take him out, which proves to be harder then originally thought. Specially since Loki now has an army to back him up.


Man of Steel/The Amazing Spiderman

I have reservations about blogging this. Mostly cause I'm not to sure about it. Its like Disney is dropping new super hero movies like they're candy not even feeling that there was once...just recently a revamp of it and people remember it. We don't want new, we want continued. I mean is Stan Lee gonna make his famed appearance like he normally does in the majority of the films that have been created? I love to see him dress up and act. I just loved the Hugh Hefner impression he did in Iron Man. I hear he chose all those chicks himself.

although with this one I hear Dan Gilvezan will be making a cameo for this movie. (In case you donno who that is...its the original spider man...and Bumblebee from Transformers :D)

I won't say much about the Amazing Spider Man...not yet anyways ;) But I will say...I'm not to happy about this Disney thing. But I guess I'll see when the movie is given to me in a few weeks.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Despicable Me 2: Synopsis

Okay everyone remembers the first movie...which was freakin awesome. My daughter wouldn't talk about anything else for almost a year. I was happy when I was spotted the fact that there will be a new one coming out next year :D

When the trailer popped up on the Lorax movie I had already watched it two days before hand thanks to the Gurus at Dreamworks. THANKS GUYS!! I sat in a room full of Kindergarteners (My daughters first field trip) so I got to hear first hand the cheers they call had for this trailer. There were so many my poor ears...and then the laugh for the ending.

So Just a bit ago I got the Synopsis for the movie. So here we go (I can't copy and paste so this is my word and no one elses.)


Yeah it was great having Gru who was a villain trying to take on the role of doting father to three adopted girls...but what if we throw in another father, who is a villain. We're given Al Pacino's character (Whose not named yet) who is a father to a little boy trying to make it to the top of the villain food chain, while trying to raise a little boy on his own. So now Gru has an arch rival.

So there you have it. Villain dad VS. Villain dad...wonder just whats gonna happen will an old foe step in and they realize they need each other, or do they fight against each other? We'll see next summer :D


Hotel Transylvania

If you haven't seen the trailer for this swing over to, or and watch it. I found it to be very funny and very...un-Adam Sandlerish. Yup you read right...Adam Sandler in something other then his own films. (Which I do think his 8 Crazy Nights was funny as crap.)


Dracula, who operates a high-end resort away from the human world, goes into overprotective mode when a boy discovers the resort and falls for the count's teen-aged daughter.


So yeah...this should be fun :D

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dark Shadows: 9 Posters!

A site out there that I just love has posted a few posters. I'm not going to steal there junk and put them onto my site...actually they get brownie points when I do this: So there :D

I'm actually very excited about this film. I donno why something sparks my interest in it. Hope everyone likes it, cause I'll be reviewing the pants off of it :D

The Hunger Games *Spoilers*

Now I understand that several people will not agree with me, and thats okay everyones untitled to there own opinion. So there :P

However...if you feel comfortable with not taking your kids then grab you a baby sitter...but as far as myself (Who has kids) the goreiness isn't that bad. Yes there is blood, and yes people die, but you don't see anyones innards they are very well at covering up the people who die. However...


There are children who die who are as young as twelve, a boy is either decapitated or disemboweled you don't see it, several other kids ranging from 12-18 (just in case you haven't read the books yet...I guess do it, I didn't. but thats cause I'm to busy at the moment but I do plan on it.) There is a young girl who gets speared which had to I mean it, if they left it out they couldn't do the other two movies right. A girl gets stung to death by killer wasps, several get mob killed at the beginning. one eats poisoned berries, and another is killed by a pack of wild...somethings. Well...kinda.

If your okay with this then let your kids go see it. In my opinion...and I am a mother, I'd let my 6 year old go see it. She saw 'Season of the Witch' and didn't flinch. would be fun to read the books out loud first that way they know just what they are getting into and see if they understand whats happening. If not wait a few years and introduce them at the proper age.

As far as my personal rating, and my review as a specialist for Paramount/Dreamworks/Newline Cinema's is as follows.

Its a movie designed to let a bunch of people from costuming to let there creative imaginations go crazy...and when I say go crazy...some of the outfits I'm sure we'll see on Lady Gaga soon. I didn't like them, they looked like crap. It was over done greatly. The opening ceremony costumes on some of the districts looked like they came from childrens imaginations. Yes some looked absolutely genius like District 12s (No I'm not playing favorites) but I think that majority of this movies budget went on wardrobe/makeup/and hair. A college team could have created this movie on less of a budget and made it seem just as good. I give this movie a 3 out of 10

Rise of The Guardians

Of Course everyone should know now that book based movies are becoming contagious for several studios. 'Harry Potter,' 'Lord of the Rings,' 'Twilight,' 'Hunger Games' 'How to train your dragon' and speaking of 'How to train your dragon' from the makers of this great movie come 'Rise of the Guardians.'

Rise of the Guardians is based on a book called 'Guardians of Childhood' by Williams Joyce. I've actually had the honor of reading this book with my kids. It was pretty good considering what they're probably going to do with it. Lets face it...DreamsWorks undoubtedly did a great job with How to train your dragon...but lets face it, there was nothing in it from the original story save for there names. They even ruined Toothless' if you haven't read the book series...Toothless is suppose to look like that tiny green dragon that could fit on Hiccups shoulder.

After you watch the Rise of the Guardians trailer...I suddenly stopped, and thought to myself. 'Wow...I'm actually impressed with this' Then I realized there is a character missing that's been all over there posters. 'Jack Frost' (who will be played by the new Capt. James T. Kirk.'Chris Pine'...or so says which I don't really like to refer to. Specially since they're saying that there's a second 'Dark Crystal movie out in 2011...but there wasn't. Was heart broken)

Okay getting back to the characters. I was actually amazed to find out the voice of Santa/North (That Russian sounding guy) is being played by Alec Baldwin! I am very very stunned cause wow he did a great job on the voice. Another is the Easter Bunny/Bunnymund...that's Wolverine people!!...yeah High Jackman. Also the ToothFairy/Tooth (The chick from Rango) yeah Isla Fisher...The Sandman...not to sure about if anyone can tell me that would be great.

The bad Pitch (Jude Law) He controls the Darkness. He gets into your dreams and turns them into Nightmares. All those...badness points and stuff I won't tell you everything he can do. Only that he bad (Self Censored)

Now heres something you don't see every day. Not only did William Joyce write this book series (Yes its a book series just like How to train your dragon, part two is How to be a Pirate) he's also an Executive this might end up being good :D