Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Prometheus Review

First off...don't...just don't. This was mostly two and a half hours of people complaining about not finding what they wanted to...only to find out our makers created us...then wanted to kill us. There were only three aliens in the whole movie, and one of them didn't even get a chance to kill someone.

Okay I do have to say that the visual effects were pretty well constructed and the parts were well played.

The android...damn...such an evil thing he was. Only to turn around and survive!! er...Function

Okay I do have a bone to pick with the make up department about the old man...he doesn't look convincing enough and you can tell it was just the android guy in make up. Shitty job people!!

Okay there is one flaw that anyone could notice. At the very end you can see the woman lowering the androids body to the surface of the planet and her hair is whipping wasn't before so you can't blame it on the air inside the suit...but the wind is blowing outside. So you can tell that she was green screened outside...why am I pointing this out you ask? Because she's got a helmet on!! Wind...helmet...NO!!! Not good together.

My verdict: 2 out of 10

Go watch Madagascar 3. You'll at least get your moneys' worth out of it.