Sunday, May 27, 2012


I just got word that the new G.I Joes movie thats suppose to be released in a few being bumped back to next year!! WTF paramount!!


Okay first off...forget MIB2...cause it sucks that bad.

MIB3 could just end up being called MIB2 cause MIB3 was soooo much better then 2.

Okay there are gonna and always going to be spoilers on my site so if you dont want any spoilers don't read any further.

Okay first off I think it was completely brilliant how they slid in the villain at the first part of the movie...however I would like to know how the villain was breathing while outside the prison on the moon.

Secondly Yes I am fully aware that when Agent K gets deleted from existence then Agent J would still be a US agent rather then an MIB. However there is a thing called a Sereo rip. Kinda like when in Back to the Future Marty didn't completely disappear...he only began to fad. So it wouldn't have caused to much of a problem...yet.

I have to point out my favorite character in this. Griffin. He's kinda neat and very very sweet. Doesn't like lies. A gentlemen type alien.

But anyways...yes go watch this. Do must do it!!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Smurfs 3?

Columbia/Sony pictures are so confirmed about the second Smurf movie being a hit that they're already on the writers block making out the script for a third Smurf movie. I loved the first one as much as my daughter did...although she's been watching it every night since it was released on dvd. So I'm just wondering if they're counting there eggs to soon.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Avengers Review

I thought this multi-movie wrap up was brilliant. It pulled everything together like little cogs winding up into a great big clock. It gave everyone there own little jobs, and there wasn't much need for character developement since everyone was in there own for Black Widow and Hawkeye...they kind of stayed inside of other movies.

Okay first off I'm going to say...stay till after the not that part...the very end. Its so funny lol.

Anyways...this movie just has something for everyone. The nerds/genius/soldiers/women/men/and the heroes that jump up with them.

Okay as much as violence goes...yes its pretty violent not as much as the movies that came before it. You can count on the fact that villains are always gonna try to rule to world, and you can always depend on the heroes that will stop them. So yes there is violence, but the good guys always win.

As far as if kids should go see it...its fine. If they seen the ones before and were okay with it then let them go.

The only fault I see with this movie its got a bit of point of view vertigo. It won't give you whiplash or anything but it causes you to get a bit confused for only an instant.

One thing you can depend on is Captain America has a huge thing about there being one God (Which is neat actually) but then again he knows two Gods personally.  Tony Stark still has a big problem with people who seem to have more authority then he does. Nick Fury still won't die, Thor still talks like he's from the medieval times and still loves his little woman. (No arguments there) Bruce is still smarter then bacon, Hulk does smash (Yes...the reference is used) and there is always something at the end of the credits...

About the ending credits...the red guy...ISN'T THE RED SKULL!! Also..after that part...keep watching...theres more ;)

I give this movie a 100 out of 10 ;)

Did I meantion this movie has crushed records and made a cool 200 million for one weekend ? Yeah...share the wealth?

Dark Shadows Review

I was actually disappointed in this movie. I started watching this not expecting to see something from the old soap opera. Which is good cause its nothing like the original.

However the movie was very disappointing in other means. Where it tried to be funny it was series and where it tried to be series it was funny.

Its not a very good movie for little kids to see because of the outrageously obviously not having sex but were playing like they were. I wasn't happy with the multitude of having sex out of wedlock. I don't agree with that at all.

Also with the drugs...which I can't complain about it cause people still do that stuff.

Although the pro's of the completely conish style hate review...the values of family are very very strong and the Collins elder points it out vividly throughout the movie.

I give the movie a 4 out of 10

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Avengers Midnight Showing Tonight!

Im going to be jumping on right after the movie to throw my two cents out there about the movie from a mothers point. I've been asked about it since half my friends who are mothers about weather it would be okay for there little ones to see a movie this violent. Let me throw this out there. When you were a kid...could 'you' handle it? If no then don't if yes let the kid decide. If he/she watches it and isn't effected then you can continue to let the child watch movies like this. I mean come on...its a movie about super heros. What could possibly go wrong right? (Watches daughter run down stairs wearing a towel and her underoos on the outside of her pants.) I stand corrected...*Le sigh.*

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Halo movie cancelation confirmed...however

You remember all those days and nights (face it mostly early mornings) with your friends on Xboxlive playing tons of halo and talking about what it would be like to watch the movie. to be you...Weta workshop has finally decided to scrap the project.

 However (I love that word) 343 says they aren't going to make a movie but a series of five webisodes to see just how popular it really is outside the gaming comunity. I donno about you, but I'd love to see more of Halo and coming this holiday season my wish comes true for Halo 4 :D (Yes...I am a hot mama gamer ;) ) anyways. movie, but webisodes...look at it this don't have to waste time pirating it.