Sunday, May 27, 2012


Okay first off...forget MIB2...cause it sucks that bad.

MIB3 could just end up being called MIB2 cause MIB3 was soooo much better then 2.

Okay there are gonna and always going to be spoilers on my site so if you dont want any spoilers don't read any further.

Okay first off I think it was completely brilliant how they slid in the villain at the first part of the movie...however I would like to know how the villain was breathing while outside the prison on the moon.

Secondly Yes I am fully aware that when Agent K gets deleted from existence then Agent J would still be a US agent rather then an MIB. However there is a thing called a Sereo rip. Kinda like when in Back to the Future Marty didn't completely disappear...he only began to fad. So it wouldn't have caused to much of a problem...yet.

I have to point out my favorite character in this. Griffin. He's kinda neat and very very sweet. Doesn't like lies. A gentlemen type alien.

But anyways...yes go watch this. Do must do it!!

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