Thursday, March 29, 2012

Despicable Me 2: Synopsis

Okay everyone remembers the first movie...which was freakin awesome. My daughter wouldn't talk about anything else for almost a year. I was happy when I was spotted the fact that there will be a new one coming out next year :D

When the trailer popped up on the Lorax movie I had already watched it two days before hand thanks to the Gurus at Dreamworks. THANKS GUYS!! I sat in a room full of Kindergarteners (My daughters first field trip) so I got to hear first hand the cheers they call had for this trailer. There were so many my poor ears...and then the laugh for the ending.

So Just a bit ago I got the Synopsis for the movie. So here we go (I can't copy and paste so this is my word and no one elses.)


Yeah it was great having Gru who was a villain trying to take on the role of doting father to three adopted girls...but what if we throw in another father, who is a villain. We're given Al Pacino's character (Whose not named yet) who is a father to a little boy trying to make it to the top of the villain food chain, while trying to raise a little boy on his own. So now Gru has an arch rival.

So there you have it. Villain dad VS. Villain dad...wonder just whats gonna happen will an old foe step in and they realize they need each other, or do they fight against each other? We'll see next summer :D


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