Friday, March 30, 2012

Man of Steel/The Amazing Spiderman

I have reservations about blogging this. Mostly cause I'm not to sure about it. Its like Disney is dropping new super hero movies like they're candy not even feeling that there was once...just recently a revamp of it and people remember it. We don't want new, we want continued. I mean is Stan Lee gonna make his famed appearance like he normally does in the majority of the films that have been created? I love to see him dress up and act. I just loved the Hugh Hefner impression he did in Iron Man. I hear he chose all those chicks himself.

although with this one I hear Dan Gilvezan will be making a cameo for this movie. (In case you donno who that is...its the original spider man...and Bumblebee from Transformers :D)

I won't say much about the Amazing Spider Man...not yet anyways ;) But I will say...I'm not to happy about this Disney thing. But I guess I'll see when the movie is given to me in a few weeks.

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