Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Hunger Games *Spoilers*

Now I understand that several people will not agree with me, and thats okay everyones untitled to there own opinion. So there :P

However...if you feel comfortable with not taking your kids then grab you a baby sitter...but as far as myself (Who has kids) the goreiness isn't that bad. Yes there is blood, and yes people die, but you don't see anyones innards they are very well at covering up the people who die. However...


There are children who die who are as young as twelve, a boy is either decapitated or disemboweled you don't see it, several other kids ranging from 12-18 (just in case you haven't read the books yet...I guess do it, I didn't. but thats cause I'm to busy at the moment but I do plan on it.) There is a young girl who gets speared which had to I mean it, if they left it out they couldn't do the other two movies right. A girl gets stung to death by killer wasps, several get mob killed at the beginning. one eats poisoned berries, and another is killed by a pack of wild...somethings. Well...kinda.

If your okay with this then let your kids go see it. In my opinion...and I am a mother, I'd let my 6 year old go see it. She saw 'Season of the Witch' and didn't flinch. would be fun to read the books out loud first that way they know just what they are getting into and see if they understand whats happening. If not wait a few years and introduce them at the proper age.

As far as my personal rating, and my review as a specialist for Paramount/Dreamworks/Newline Cinema's is as follows.

Its a movie designed to let a bunch of people from costuming to let there creative imaginations go crazy...and when I say go crazy...some of the outfits I'm sure we'll see on Lady Gaga soon. I didn't like them, they looked like crap. It was over done greatly. The opening ceremony costumes on some of the districts looked like they came from childrens imaginations. Yes some looked absolutely genius like District 12s (No I'm not playing favorites) but I think that majority of this movies budget went on wardrobe/makeup/and hair. A college team could have created this movie on less of a budget and made it seem just as good. I give this movie a 3 out of 10

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