Monday, June 10, 2013

Despicable Me 2 review

(Yes the image is in a different language)

Anyways...I just got finished watching this and it was actually very cute.

(Spoilers your warned)

The first part of the movie shows Gru and his daughters throwing a birthday bash. Youngest is 6...and one hell of an imagination still. apparently this is two years after the first movie. So Margo (the eldest) is showing a bit more interest in guys. Gru notices this an incourages his other two daughters to never grow up...while this is going on he ends up getting kidnapped and inducted into the 'anti villain league'

The whole movie surrounds trying to find a villain who stole something very important and puts a villain with a hero. Lucy Wilde...which they both begin to do what Gru is trying to get his daughter not to...fall in love

So yeah...while Gru and Lucy are falling in love the villain is stealing Gru's minions and making them into anti minions (Large purple minions with wild hair)

Apparently the League catches the 'villain' (Probably just a guy whose in the wrong place at the wrong time) and Lucy is to move to Australia! So Gru is broken hearted and ends up going to a party where Margo's 'boyfriend' lives...and his dad is the villain they've been looking for. Heres the catcher. Dr. Nefario works for him!

He learns of the guy (I'm purposefully avoiding spelling this guys name cause I can't...) using his minions and is trying to get Gru to join him. Which of course doesn't work. He leaves gathering his girls which he finds Margo crying cause her boyfriend ditches her and is dancing with some other girl. He freezes the guys head lol. the end (I'm not going to spoil the ending battle) Lucy and Gru end up getting married. Tada...the girls have a mommy.

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