Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Hobbit: Unexpected Journey

(The uploader has crapped out. I'll put up a picture later)

Well the Hobbit was actually better then I expected. Specially from a movie thats 3 hours long...I'll repeat that THREE HOURS LONG!! So yes...go pee before you watch this movie.

Reason 1. There is no good part to go pee on. No don't go...get a cup/bottle. You aren't going pee
Reason 2. I was very impressed, there isn't a part in this movie that is boring. Nothing...not a chance.
Reason 3. Your gonna wizz yourself if you don't because of the funny parts in it

Also just so you know...they put in 'Break the plates' if you've read the'll know what I mean.

Go watch it...I find myself wanting to go back. Just make sure your not 'starving' before you do. I brought in a big box of tacos..but thats cause my hubby is the manager, and I work with Paramount/New Line/Dreamworks. So I get in free and I can bring in whatever I want too :D

Overall I give it a 9-10...because I had to pee...

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  1. Funny post, I was able to hold it in thru the film but I was about to die from hunger! I agree the movie was fantastic! It is my favorite of the year tied with the Avengers.