Sunday, July 22, 2012

Dark Knight Rises

It the light of what happened in Colorado I have kept my silence for a few days. But what happened won't stop me from doing my job. I will no longer be silent...I will be heard...and the media black out about it is obserd.

Alright I had went to the midnight release to my theater near me. And to throw this in the air...I never liked the first or second movie for this. So with that known I'm going to put this onto the pingpong table of movie science...

*Clears throat*

I liked this one

It wasn't that bad. I loved how they kind of made Batman be a secondary character and pushed Bruce Wayne into being a full character rather then someones secret identity. I look at this and think perhaps Bruce Wayne is the super Hero and Batman was really the person.

As far as the villains. I loved Bane the explanation of who the secondary villain was very well written and I love how Cat womans ears were actually just glasses in the shape of ears. I thought she was going to suck but it wasn't that bad and her life was a lot like a lost alley cat. Although it didn't really show her as having that much of a crazy streak...she seemed more innocent then Tim Burten's version of Cat Woman.

How they depicted the ending was well thought out and as much as I hate to say it...predictable. Right down to the rookie detective being Robin.

I give the movie a 7 out of 10...although I wish the movie was a bit shorter. My butt still hurts.


  1. Although I did very much like the previous two Nolan Batman movies, I much perfer Marvel's movies like The Avengers, Captain America, Iron Man, ect. But I am still looking forward to see how it all ends. Also were is the follow button? You do not seem to have one.


  2. Have you seen the new one yet?

  3. I am still not able to find it, but I have added your blog's URL to my Dashboard so I will be receving updates for it.
    Note: I am the same guy as "James and Jacob", I habe just changed my user today.


  4. I figured you were the same guy. Pretty much the only person whose wrote on my blog yet.

    I donno my follow button just...disappeared. I'll have to ask if they no longer have it or something.