Friday, July 6, 2012

The Amazing Spider-Man

I had gone to the midnight premier of this movie. I got a theater with a whole bunch of the employees (Mainly cause my husband manages the place) so I got to listen to there talk throughout the I'll relay this back to you.

The make up/CGI was actually pretty good...aside from the fact that The Lizard looked more like the 1993 Mario Bros movie Goomba rather then what he was suppose to look like. Also one thing that was going on was Spider-Man was flashing his face all over the place. So now the majority of New York knows what he looks like.

On a good note Stan Lee makes his well known appearance and I'm soooo glad Disney let him continue with that.

There is an after Credit...sort of...nothing about the Avengers...but mostly a continue for the trilogy. Don't stay after the credits...when you see the Professor in jail...thats the last bit. Its a waste of your time unless you just wanna sit and listen to the music.

The majority of the movie surrounds a bunch of teenage angst rather then saving the day. The scenes are very drawn out uselessly. I say the movie could have been shorter by about 30 minutes because of this fact. All in all...I think this movie shouldn't have been made.

I give it a -5 out of 10

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