Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Great Gatsby.

Possible Spoilers...

You've been warned!

If you've read this book when you were a kid (We had to) You'll know the dangers of watching the movies. First off...there its lots of drinking and parties (So yeah alcohol will be consumed in the movie) secondly there is sexual content...just suggestive and junk like that. But thirdly and most importantly there is a bit of nudity and the same time. If I remember right there was a chick that got hit by a car in the end and she was naked when she was hit (Correct me if I'm wrong) but there was also talk about pieces of her hanging her breast was barely hanging on by skin. So yes be warned! Doesn't mean the movie will show any of this stuff. I haven't seen it. I've got to watch it soon though so I'll update ya'll but I'm just saying...keep an open mind...and keep kids away if you don't want them seeing these three things.


  1. not sure what to think about The Great Gatsby movie since I have not read the book, but Toby McGuire and Leo DiCaprio are great actors, so it could be good. Also I am mostly sure the film will be rated R though.


    1. It may happen but they might not show all of her. Poor thing.