Monday, March 18, 2013

Temp Hiatus

Yeah I'll be on a week long Hiatus. But don't worry I'll be bringing back info on new movies. I'm heading to Universal Studios with a 'back stage pass' Since I work for Paramount/Universal/New Line Cinema's/ and a few choice smaller companies no one would ever recognize unless they accidentally sneeze near the TV and they had to clean the snot off the screen.

So yeah..from March 29th to April 5...I'll be gone...just sayin.

Free stuff here I come :D

I get so pampered at these things. Hope they don't try to get me drunk again.


  1. lol free stuff and drinks. Last year I went during Sept. I ended up getting small crap like pens, sunglasses, and foods...but I also got two duffle bags, hats, tshirts, free food and yeah I'm expecting lots more free stuffs. But I also get to go to two premiers...and I donno what those movies are yet. Hopefully something good. I don't wanna fall asleep next to the other peons.