Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Wreck-It Ralph Review

Just so you know this movie if freakin sweet. In many different ways.

First off I am loving the soundtrack. Its got that upbeat thing going. The song Sugar Rush gets stuck in your head very very easy...so be careful

At first the movie starts off slowly with Ralph being a little complainer about not being taken seriously. Then it picks up after Ralph goes AWOL...or missing in action depending on how you take it.

It shows a lot of old and new games inside the Arcade too so keep your eyes open. You might see something you know and/or played before.

Secondly the relationship between the commander and Felix is a romantic one so be prepared for that sort of thing.

The relationship between Ralph and Vinnelope is more or less father and daughter even though they aren't related at all.  So don't expect any sort of romance between those two.

I see the villain as being a more of a scooby doo reveal. 'I woulda got away with it if it weren't for you and your pesky fix it friend!' but yeah...

All in all it was a very heart warming movie, I'd recommend watching it once and decide for yourself. Or at least go listen to that soundtrack whoo!!

I give this movie a 'my review didn't help at all' outta 'you can pass it up if you want'

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  1. Can't wait to this movie. But I have been very surprised by all of the very positive reviews by critics though.