Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Empire of the Deep

This isn't going to be a happy review...

I was just given this movie to review. So I'm sitting there watching this to begin with...ancient Greece. I love ancient Greece, it was one of my majors in college. So at first I'm all 'yay this is gonna be so neat!' but then shit got real.

First thing I noticed was the flimsy looking costumes. If I wanted to see flimsy costumes I'll watch Swamp Thing. You can see where pieces are hanging off, and even on one part you can see a piece fall off. Yes I am well aware pieces of fish fall off all the time, just not in movies.

Secondly the battle sequences look like they were created by high schools Graphic Arts course. It looks cool on a piece of paper till you put them to screen and then it looks like shit.

The plot is much like the latest Disney flop that will not be named.

So yeah...I give this one a derp outta not even gonna watch again.


  1. Never heard of this, but will be sure not to watch it now.


  2. it pretty much has the same plot as john carter only different people different world